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BIM Manager

The 3D interface between architects and fabricators

The BIM Manager enables general contractors, architects and fabricators to share window and door information quickly and efficiently. With the integrated interface, 3D models of window constructions can be imported and exported directly into Revit. This simplifies the exchange of data and improves cooperation between the departments.

The BIM Manager supports architects and fabricators in the planning and realisation of construction projects and helps to optimise the workflow and minimise sources of error.

Helpful interfaces

With the BIM Manager, BIM models from Revit can now be sent even more easily and securely to the metal construction partner who is working on the element in SchüCal. This is made possible by cloud-based data exchange. All data is thus immediately and always up-to-date available to all participants, and this from every operating device.

How does this benefit you?

You freely define which windows, doors and façades from the planning the metal construction partner is to work out for you. With free control over parameter handling, you determine which information from the model-based planning is available to your fabricator: Industry standards, your own office standards or project-specific adjustments.

The correct transfer of the 3D planning ensures that structural and design requirements are taken into account.


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Good to know

With the Schüco Autodesk® Revit® interface, planners have the option of exporting the data of the Schüco BIM objects from their building model to their metal construction partner, as well as importing calculated data back into Autodesk® Revit®.