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7 Essential Home Renovation Tips

So, you want to transform your home, but what do you need to know before you renovate? What should you consider and how can you make the process as painless as possible? Read on to discover our top home renovation tips.


1) Do your research

Before you start have a clear vision of what you want the finished house to look like. Be sure to communicate this vision clearly to any contractors and architects - don’t assume they’ll be on the same page as you.

All about the visuals, Pinterest and Instagram are great places to search for inspiration. Look out for online software that allows you to create 3D models of your future furnished home to visualise what spaces will really look like.

2) Live in the house for a while

It can be tempting to jump straight into renovations. However, if you can live in the house for a while before starting work. This will let you know how you use the space, how the light travels around the house throughout the day and what works for you and what doesn’t.


3) Consult an architect

Budget permitting, speak to an architect. Explain what you are trying to achieve, they might come up with ideas you wouldn’t have thought of. But always be clear about your budget to ensure your architect’s suggestions are affordable.

4) Get contractor and architect recommendations

Get recommendations for contractors and architects if possible. It is also worth getting several quotes, at least three, as they can vary hugely.

Use social media to vet potential contractors. You can see examples of their work and you’ll probably be able to find multiple testimonials, the good and the bad, to help you pick the best company for the job.   

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5) Choose fixtures and fittings in good time

Choose as many fixtures and fittings as possible before builders arrive on site, so you don’t have to make expensive decisions at the last minute - especially big-ticket items such as glazing.

Bi-fold or sliding doors transform a space so give yourself time to decide which you want. Do you have space for bi-folds? Which way should they open to work in the space? Would you prefer sliding doors? These aren’t questions to consider quickly - take your time.

If you can, visit showrooms and take samples home to get a feel for how things will look in your home. Read about @staying_inn_southsea’s experience visiting a Schüco showroom during her home renovation here.

6) Think carefully about lighting

Lighting makes a huge difference to your home. Extending may make the back of your house darker. Think about installing large, glazed doors, windows, internal glazing or a rooflight.

In large rooms you may wish to split the lighting into different zones so lighting can be adjusted depending on which part of the room you’re using.


7) Remember the little things

It’s easy to get caught up with the big picture, but don’t forget about smaller elements that will affect your everyday life. Where will you hang your tea towels and oven gloves? Where will you charge your phone?

It’s important to consider these things otherwise you may end up with a beautifully designed kitchen with a damp tea towel slung over the oven handle and a tangle of charging cables at the end of the kitchen island…

Make Schüco a part of your home renovation, find your nearest registered Schüco supplier on our website. If you would like to know more about this process, get in touch via the chat function on our website or email or to make an appointment to visit the showroom click on the button below.

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