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Discover the freedom of a light-filled home and a seamless connection between indoors and out with bi-fold or sliding doors. Why Schüco? Our aluminium bi-fold and sliding doors are widely recognised as the best on the market. We’ve built our reputation over 70 years on the quality of our engineering. If you’re looking for elegant doors created to your exact specification and precision-engineered for smooth and easy operation that will stand the test of time, ask for Schüco. Our wide range of products are designed and engineered in Germany and manufactured and installed by our highly trained partners in the UK. Your local Schüco partner will advise you on the different options available for your project and work with you to create your bespoke door.

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Bi-fold doors with slim frames for maximum transparency

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Schüco bi-fold doors combine style and security, comfort and durability. Very slim frames and large panel sizes allow maximum light into your home, all year round. Our smooth-running, stainless steel roller system enables you to move very large panels, up to 3.5 metres in height, with little effort. These doors can be folded inwards or outwards, in one direction only or opened like a pair of curtains to the left and the right, offering exceptional versatility.

Options such as a flush threshold and the integration of an access door offer ease of use and convenience. The doors are incredibly energy-efficient too with custom-made, weathertight seals for a perfect fit and the option of double or triple glazing.

Classic sliding doors for perfect weathertightness

Sliding doors, Aluminium Sliding doors

It’s surprisingly easy to operate a Schüco lift-and-slide door. It runs silently on state-of-the-art stainless steel tracks, moving with effortless elegance. Up to three tracks allow large opening widths and doors can be opened to one side or from the middle. The choice of a flush threshold gives a safe, smooth transition between inside and outside, while security is maintained with a multi-point locking system. With the option of automated operation the lift-and-slide door can be opened and closed at the touch of a button for the ultimate convenience.

When closed, the door is perfectly weathertight, providing excellent thermal insulation and sound reduction. You can also enjoy very high thermal insulation options up to Passivhaus level, so embracing this amount of glass won’t mean compromising on your sustainability ambitions.

Panoramic sliding doors for cinematic views


You can’t get more transparent than our panoramic range. Panoramic sliding doors use fully concealed outer frames, an extremely slim interlock and large panel sizes to create uninterrupted, cinematic views. Fitted on precision-engineered, stainless steel tracks, the doors glide open and closed. Level thresholds allow the boundary between the house and garden to practically disappear, while a multi-point locking system offers complete peace of mind.

A full range of design options, such as 90° open corners, floor-to-ceiling glazing and automatic operation, enables you to create a door to meet your exact requirements.

Energy efficiency

High thermal insulation

Schüco sliding and bi-fold doors meet the highest thermal performance requirements including a range designed specially to achieve Passivhaus standard. Custom-made seals for a perfect fit and a high level of weathertightness result in a warm, energy-efficient home. For those hot summer days, Schüco also offers stylish glare protection and sun shading solutions which can be fully integrated into sliding systems.

Minimalist sightlines

Our experts have refined the design of our door systems to reduce their visible components to a minimum, leaving your view to take centre stage. Very slim frames, extremely large panels and completely level thresholds allow uninterrupted views. Our most transparent system is the panoramic sliding door with a concealed outer frame and options that include an all-glass corner and a pocket door design to hide the open door completely in the cavity of the wall.

Automated operation

For added convenience, Schüco aluminium sliding doors can be fully automated so they can be opened and closed at the touch of a button. Furthermore, they can be connected to a smart home system to enable a wide range of functions, such as sun shading and ventilation, to be controlled automatically. They can even react intelligently to the environment ensuring a pleasant room temperature all year round.

Bi-fold doors
Proven security

Aluminium sliding and bi-fold doors from Schüco incorporate robust locking systems, hinges and frames to keep your home secure. Certified to resistance class RC2, our doors are also recognised by Secured by Design, the official police security initiative. Safety features, like anti-finger-trap gaskets between panels and high-quality catches to lock open panels in place, make Schüco doors safe to use for the whole family.

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If you think Schüco sliding or bi-fold doors could be the perfect fit for your home, we can arrange a consultation. Alternatively, you can try out our products at your nearest Schüco partner showroom. Find your nearest Schüco partner installer.

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A door is just a door, isn't it? Not exactly. Anyone opting for a sliding door right now is making a good choice: sliding doors flood rooms with natural light and provide an almost barrier-free transition from inside to outside. Narrow profiles with no obtrusive door frames offer the best possible views to the outside. If you're looking for light and airy rooms, then you are going to love the large-scale glass areas and wide opening widths that only sliding doors can achieve. And while we are on the subject of space: the interior also benefits, as conventional pivoting door leaves that take up space in the room are a thing of the past. Modern sliding doors are also very energy-efficient, both in summer and winter, keeping the heat and the cold out.

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