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Transforming a home while retaining the traditional character

Having purchased a traditional family home in Beaconsfield in 2007, Riaz Hameed decided that he wanted to modernise the property to create more living space.

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Contractor & project manager: Bi-Fold Door Factory

Schüco products: ASS 70 FD, ADS 75.HD.HI, AWS 70 SC, ADS 75.SI

Picture credit: Daniel Atkinson

The brief was to retain the traditional character of the front of the house but to fully modernise and extend the rear elevation to create a contemporary, open-plan living area.

The rear extension matches the traditional brickwork of the original building. It features two large Schüco sliding doors and two roof lights to create a large, bright and airy, open-plan kitchen and living space with an extensive view of the garden. In total, 30 windows, 5 doors and 2 skylights were fitted.

When considering what characteristics would be most important about the new glazing, Riaz stated that low maintenance and longevity were key. This led to the decision to use metal-framed windows, as they require less long-term maintenance than other materials.

After having seen his neighbour’s Schüco aluminium windows and getting a feel for the quality of the finish, Riaz decided they would be ideal for his home.

He elaborates: “Schüco windows ticked all the boxes. The reputation of the brand precedes itself, the systems are robust and benefit from precision German engineering, and the windows are in keeping with both the house and the area. The wide range of colours and finishes allowed us to pick one that blended in with the brickwork of the house.”

The renovation of the home included a newly landscaped back garden which Riaz wanted to make the most of, even when inside. As such, he decided to have a large picture window installed that provides an excellent view of the garden and acts as a focal point in the living space.

Riaz explains

“The reason I went for the big picture window and sliding doors was that I wanted to bring the outside inside and vice versa. We actually changed the specification from bi-fold doors to sliding doors as we wanted minimal intrusion and sliding doors offer slimmer sightlines.”

As Riaz has a young child, the ease of operation of the large sliding doors was also a crucial consideration. The whole family is able to slide the doors open without difficulty despite their size and weight.

Riaz explained how the reassurance of using high-quality Schüco systems throughout the house provided him with one less headache when figuring out the intricacies of the renovation. The project involved the replacement of all the glazing, front and rear, with Schüco systems.

This included two Schüco front doors that Riaz decided to have installed after attending an event at the ExCel in London and seeing them on display. Both their aesthetics and proven security helped Riaz make the choice.

The project took 18 months to complete and was managed in two phases so the family could remain living on-site while the work progressed. Now, Riaz and his family can enjoy the seamless connection between the inside and outside every day, with Riaz stating he wouldn’t hesitate to use Schüco again.

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