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A dream family home with river views

Lorna and Gavin Gall feel like they’re on holiday every day in their new dream home on the banks of the River Clyde. Large sliding or bi-fold Schüco doors on every floor provide river views and fill the house with natural light.

Previously, the couple had lived with their two children (aged 18 and 21) in a traditional style house in a conservation area. Their new home is very different. Unrestricted by conservation area planning controls, their new home has a much more contemporary design.

Lorna says, “We came across the plot while dog walking and fell in love with the view. Building our own house enabled us to design it to fit our requirements perfectly as a family, and it’s turned out even better than I had hoped.”

The Galls engaged Stewart Moore, Director of Bankhead Developments, to manage the construction of the house. When it came to choosing windows and doors, the couple were keen to go with Stewart’s recommendation.

Stewart explains

“I always recommend Schüco for its high quality and precision German engineering. Doors and windows are a big investment, so it makes sense to choose products that are going to last a lifetime, rather than lesser quality products that are going to end up causing problems and costing more in the long run.”

In addition to the sliding and bi-fold doors on the back of the house, the windows on the front of the house are also Schüco.

Stewart comments, “The Schüco aluminium windows have slim profiles which are more attractive than the chunky plastic frames on uPVC windows. They also tilt and turn to give different opening options. The combination of a thin aluminium frame with the best hinges and running gear results in a really good window.”

For Lorna, Gavin and their family, the design of their new house has proved life changing.

Lorna explains, “My favourite thing about the house is having so much glass. The kitchen family room where we spend a lot of time has large bi-fold doors that open out onto the balcony and really extend the space. My son used to spend all his time in his room; now he brings his books into the kitchen and studies on the island in front of the doors instead.

“We spend so much more time together as a family now because we have this amazing space with stunning views and so much natural light. It’s actually changed our lives.”

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Architect: DTA Architects

Contractor & project manager: Bankhead Developments 

Specialist Contractor: Scottish Bifold Doors

Schüco products: ASS 70 FD, ASS 70.HI, AWS 60 

Picture credit: Paul Zanre Photography