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Prestwick, United Kingdom

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Sliding doors


ASS 70 FD, ASS 70.HI


Prestwick, United Kingdom




Casa Design Architects

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Beautiful sea views, whatever the weather

Beautiful sea views, whatever the weather

Lynn Cruickshanks moved to Ayr on the west coast of Scotland in 2018. The house had untapped potential for beautiful sea views, but the existing windows were small and didn’t allow much light in. To make it worse, they tended to rattle when the coastal winds picked up.

Lynn wanted to take advantage of the views from her new home and knew from the start that she wanted to renovate the windows using Schüco products. “I used Schüco bi-fold doors to renovate my old home and loved them, so I knew the product was really good and that I wanted to use them again”.

The large Schüco ASS 70.HI sliding doors are easy to operate and have transformed Lynn’s living room, allowing the light to stream in so she can sit back and soak in the calming sunsets. The doors also provide a great setting for entertaining and guests to the house have all complimented them:  “Everybody just thinks it’s stunning. My friend came round the other week and said she got goosebumps looking at the amazing views!”.


Bringing the outside in

Bringing the outside in

On the ground floor and the large Schüco ASS 70 FD bi-fold doors have similarly unveiled the striking views from Lynn’s home. Schüco ASS 70 FD offers additional design options thanks to the opening type with a 90° corner and a flat, thermally insulated floor threshold. Both doors also provide the perfect protection from the strong Scottish coastal winds, meaning the windows no longer rattle and Lynn gets to enjoy the blissful views, whatever the weather.

When asked what it is that draws her to Schüco, Lynn recounted her experiences in her old home: “For me, their large windows and doors just allow the light to stream in whilst offering a beautiful design and mechanisms that are second to none. I honestly didn’t consider anybody else, I was really quite adamant!”.