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Creating kerb appeal with aluminium front doors and glazing

Aluminium front doors are an increasingly popular choice and combine timeless design with the highest degree of security, weathertightness and durability.

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We all know that first impressions count. Your front door doesn’t just provide access to the inside of your home, it also gives the first glimpse of your character. Have you ever considered what your entrance door says about you?

The material you choose for your home’s exterior doors must be weather-resistant, have excellent thermal insulation and have the strength to provide security.

Traditionally, front doors in the UK are made of wood. However, aluminium is becoming an increasingly popular choice for modern front doors. The Schüco range of front doors combines timeless design with the highest degree of security, thermal insulation, weather tightness and durability.

Aluminium front doors

Aluminium entrance doors, like Schüco AD UP, also require less long-term maintenance. As the sustainability credentials of our homes come ever more under the microscope, homeowners who install AD UP can rest assured that its thermal insulation properties help achieve passive house standards. Furthermore, the door is compatible with Schüco smart home technology, with the option of installing remote access and a biometric fingerprint system.

The use of glazing around your front door, known as sidelights, can also add an element of creativity and playfulness to the entrance of your home. They will also allow more natural light into your vestibule or hallway. You can install sidelights with smart home technology to invite more fresh air into your home as well.


Get creative with glazing

You can also use glass to add some personality to the frontage of your home. Generally, people conceive of glazed façades being used only on commercial projects, but they can create a greater sense of connection with the outdoors in your home too.

You can also use glazing on the façade of your home in a unique way like this home in South Buckinghamshire, where the car-loving homeowner eschewed a traditional garage door in favour of Schüco bifold doors. In his own words, “if you have a beautiful car, why wouldn’t you want to see it?”. 

So, if you’re thinking of replacing your front door, why not consider how glazing and aluminium doors can make an impactful statement for the façade of your home?

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