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Schüco AD UP door system

The Schüco AD UP (Aluminium Door Universal Platform) door system combines functional reliability with modern, high-quality design. Whether it's a stylish front door or a frequently used commercial door, the special construction principle using a 5-chamber profile composition provides both stability and all the technical prerequisites for an intelligent door system. The two core basic depths of 75 and 90 mm allow the system platform to be tailored to individual requirements for energy efficiency and weathertightness. The construction principle, which is the same across all basic depths, and the symmetrical profile composition make for simple fabrication and installation.

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Sophisticated system-based design

The entire system features German engineering and every detail – from concealed hinges to recessed pull grips – fits seamlessly together. A visually perfect door design is created by coordinating the door frames, leaf frames and, most importantly, the door infills. Available in heights of up to 3 metres and widths of up to 1400 mm, the AD UP range can provide the grandest of entrances.


Thermal insulation

The AD UP door system achieves outstanding thermal insulation properties up to passive house level. The high proportion of aluminium guarantees a stable, secure and long life cycle. In addition, the highest weathertightness values (to E750) are achieved, allowing Schüco AD UP to be used even in exposed locations.

Level threshold

In addition to its thermal insulation properties, AD UP also comes with a zero-level, barrier-free threshold option. The Schüco AD UP system therefore provides greater ease of access for everyone, whether it's the elderly, adults with pushchairs or people with restricted mobility.

AD_U_ 75_d_Außenansicht_5K_falzoptimiert_Nullschwelle

Compatible with smart homes

Schueco Bluetooth Person-01

Door communication and access control

For the technically minded, the new system is also compatible with Schüco smart home technology. Lost keys are therefore a thing of the past as you can control access to your property remotely, keeping track of who enters and leaves. The latest smart home systems in the Schüco range are Fingerprint Easy, which is based on biometric fingerprints, and BlueCon, which helps you control access to your home with the Schüco BlueCon app.

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Key benefits at a glance

  • The AD UP door system achieves outstanding thermal insulation properties up to passive house level.
  • Highest weathertightness values (to E750) are achieved, allowing AD UP to be used even in exposed locations.
  • Design flush pull grips as well as a choice of new design handles can be integrated into AD UP
  • AD UP can be easily integrated into smart home systems
  • A zero-level, barrier-free threshold option is available for added convenience
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