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Why should you choose Schüco bi-fold or sliding doors for your home?

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You’ve decided to install bifold or sliding doors to fill your home with natural light and create a seamless connection between the inside and outside. That’s the easy decision made.

However, there are so many different companies offering bi-fold and sliding doors how can you possibly choose between them? When you’ve learnt a little about Schüco that decision might not be as difficult as you first thought.

Long lasting quality

We have been designing stylish door and window systems for over seventy years. Designed and engineered in Germany, manufactured and installed by our partners in the UK, Schüco systems combine precision engineering with local customer service.

Thanks to this precision engineering our aluminium doors can be opened and closed effortlessly, no matter how large the panels. They glide smoothly and silently on stainless steel tracks, and the option of automated operation even allows you to open and close sliding doors at the touch of a button.

For us, quality means durability. Our products are built to last. From the smallest component through to complete façade units, every single product has undergone rigorous durability testing at the Schüco Technology Center. It is one of the world’s leading test centres for windows, doors and façades – and the largest in Europe. Long-lasting products are not only good for the planet but also for your pocket, representing a good investment in your home.


Less is more

Our experts have spent years refining the design of our elegant doors to give you more glass and less frame. Ultra-slim sightlines won’t detract from the view and large individual panel sizes let in more light.

Our bi-fold doors are available with tall panels up to 3.5 metres high and 1.5 metres wide while our Panoramic sliding door is available with panels up to 3.5 metres high and wide. This means fewer panels are required per opening.

Choose from a wide range of frame colours to create a door that complements your style. You can even specify a different frame colour for the outside and the inside. There’s a selection of elegant handles to choose from too, and different threshold options to suit your project including flush thresholds for both bi-fold and sliding doors.

Energy efficiency

A house may have a wonderful interior, but it can be hard to shake off the first impression of a disappointing exterior. Avoid this by upping your home’s kerb appeal.

A high-quality front door, new windows and a lick of paint go a long way to making sure your home looks to be in tip-top shape to any potential buyers.

If you have a period property, preserve its valuable character and opt for a tasteful retrofit like these homeowners did. Both aluminium and steel windows can be a great choice for creating a home with a high-end look.

More modern homes may also benefit from a top quality Schüco aluminium front door, available in a range of different styles and colours.


Safety first

It is important to us that you feel safe and secure in your home, so security is a fundamental requirement for all Schüco products. Robust locking systems, hinges and frames contribute to effective security that is recognised by Secured by Design, the official police initiative.

Integrated safety features, like finger-trap protection, ensure the doors are safe to use for the whole family. High quality catches make sure your bi-fold door stays secure when open or closed. Sliding doors can be locked into place in any position so they won’t slam shut, even in the strongest wind.

When you choose Schüco you choose the peace of mind that comes with a precision engineered, beautifully designed, high quality feature door.

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