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Schüco UK organises and hosts a number of events throughout the year. However, due to the coronavirus outbreak, we have been hosting our talks and discussions online. 

If you missed any of our events or simply want to watch them all again, click on the link below for a re-cap.

25/05/2022 - Making good: Adapting for the future - 10:00 am - 11:30 am

The U.K. has the oldest building stock in Europe. How we continue to use it, and future buildings, is crucial to ensuring a sustainable future. How do we reconcile our existing built fabric: from ancient to 20th Century architecture, and bring it up to speed for contemporary and future use? What strategies are being employed to retain embodied carbon and maximise building performance? And what has to change to incentivise retrofit approaches to new construction?

Register now for our free webinar to discuss the challenge of unlocking the potential of existing buildings and find out what practitioners are doing to achieve that.

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Schüco Events