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Safety First: Designing fire-resistant buildings

Award winning facades 1920x1080 slides

Award-winning facades: the future of sustainable and multitasking facades

What is involved in the successful rejuvenation of a historic 19th century residential block? How can a modern housing development assimilate its rich industrial context? And what is thinking that goes into creating student accommodation that interacts with its urban context while also respecting students’ privacy?

These questions and more were addressed in this AT Schüco webinar, where three of the winners of the 2022 Schüco Excellence Awards explored the thought processes that went into the design of their residential building facades. The event was chaired by Ruth Slavid, and the speakers were Barbara Weiss and Karl Singporewala, directors of Barbara Weiss Architects; Murray Levinson, partner at Squire & Partners; and Holly Galbraith, associate at Niall Mclaughlin Architects.