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Fire protection for 30 minutes of fire resistance – can be seamlessly combined with standard façades

The Schüco FW 50+ BF fire-resistant façade is fully tested in accordance with EN 13643-3 and provides 30 minutes of reliable fire resistance in the vertical and roof area, including protecting building roofs and inside areas against fire risks. It meets the requirements of fire resistance classes EI30 and EW30.

The multi-functional aluminium construction is visually identical to a standard Schüco façade and gives specifiers and architects new design freedom with generous dimensions. Seamless transitions with standard façades and the segmented construction allow a harmonious façade design throughout with a 50 mm profile face width.

The fire protection system can be enhanced with Schüco fire doors and fire-resistant windows as well as fire-resistant triple glazing, while its thermal insulation properties can be optimised by installing improved fire boards.

As a further benefit, the system can be used in the vertical area due to its CE marking in accordance with EN 13830 and country-specific approvals are available for the skylight area.

Planning benefit

  • Tested and certified in accordance with EN 13830 as a curtain wall for fire resistance classes EI30 and EW30
  • Can be combined with CE-marked fire doors and fire-resistant windows for 30 minutes of fire resistance in accordance with EN 16034/EN 14351-1 for external use.
  • Highly thermally insulated façade design with triple insulating glass possible
  • Visually compatible and seamless transfer from fire-resistant façade to standard façade
  • Burglar resistance in accordance with DIN EN 1627 and segmented construction possible
  • Classification report, system approval and country-specific approvals are available
  • Use in skylights in accordance with country-specific approvals


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FW 50+ BF