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4313projects | Campus Hoogvliet bearing core. The windows of the buildings all have the same horizontal format and are fixed, with a small integrated bottom-hung window in places. They were bonded flush to the concrete façades with no reveal whatsoever and implemented using the slender Schü- co FW 60+ aluminium profiles. In addition, all of the entrances are fitted with sliding doors from the ASS 50 series, which create particularly free and smooth- running openings. The greatest challenge when designing the campus was obviously defining the relationship of the individ- ual buildings to the whole complex and finding a uni- form architectural language for the ensemble, without falling into the trap of one-dimensionality. In doing so, an ensemble has emerged which you can almost characterise as a total work of art, whereby urban development, external space and architecture clearly originate from one mould and one pen right down to the last detail. Simultaneously, the different levels of perception provide the project with a time element – because what looks monotonous at first glance turns out to be multi-faceted upon closer inspection. In this sense, the campus also seems to refer to the history of urban planning in its location, Hoogvliet, which failed because its uniformity did not include even the slightest of nuances. Anneke Bokern Fassadenschnitt M 1:25 Façade section, scale 1:25