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2513Photo series | Time installations Time installations What do airports have in common with inflatable structures and drawings on the wall? In the interpretation of three contemporary artists, they reflect the theme of time and the individual perception of space and time in different ways. On the following pages, we would like to present to you the installations which have been created for this purpose. ‘Drawing time’ is a wall installation that visually records the passage of time. It is a clock that tells the time and by doing so draws spirographical circles on the wall. Each day two spirograph patterns appear. One complex outline for the passed minutes and a simpler one, for the passed hours. After twenty-four hours the device moves randomly to another spot on the wall and continues recording its existence. This randomness is just as the uncertainty of the future, leaving space for surprises. Day by day the wall fills up with the graphical patterns allowing to imagine the slowly overlapping graphical composition in some weeks, a year, a decade… A positive thought of long term planning and a belief in the future. mischer’traxler