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3313projects | Jang Bogo Antarctic Research Station ©SchücoInternationalKG,Bielefeld/GER ©EAGON WINDOWS&DOORSCO.,LTD Objekt Project Jang Bogo Antark- tische Forschungsstation Stand- ort Location Terra Nova Bay, Viktorialand, Antarktis Bauherr Client Regierung der Republik Ko- rea, Ministerium für Meeresange- legenheiten und Fischerei / KOPRI – Korean Polar Research Institute Architekten Architects Arbeits- gemeinschaft Space Group: Space / DongJu / Add Design Schlüs- selfertige Ausführung Turnkey design Arbeitsgemeinschaft Hy- undai E&C: Hyundai / Kolon / Kye- ryong E&I / Hyundai Engineering Konstruktionsmanagement Construction management Ar- beitsgemeinschaft Shinhwa Engi- neering: Shinhwa / Hanmi Global / Sunjin Engineering Baubeginn Start of construction Dezember 2012 Fertigstellung Completion Februar 2014 Grundfläche Floor area 4.458 m² Baukosten Con- struction costs 98 Mio. US Dollar Schüco Systeme Schüco sys- tems AWS 90.SI+ , FW 60+ .SI When the Jang Bogo Antarctic Research Station was completed in February 2014, the Republic of Korea gained its second research facility on the Antarctic continent. The King Sejong Station has been on King George Island since 1988. It focuses on ocean re- search and the investigation of ecosystems along the coasts, whilst the latest science centre will primarily be devoted to geographical and climate research from now on. The Jang Bogo Station should also serve as a platform for experiments, where engineers and scien- tists will be able to test their instruments, equipment, new materials or robots under extraordinary tempera- ture conditions. After an intensive search for a location, the selection of Terra Nova Bay in Victoria Land, a region in the east of Antarctica situated south of New Zealand on the Ross Sea, means that an area has been chosen which is relatively free of ice, but which is still exposed to ex- treme climate conditions. In addition to temperatures of down to -40 degrees Celsius, strong wind condi-