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The Lodge

High Wycombe, United Kingdom

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Sliding doors


ASS 70 FD, AWS 70.HI


High Wycombe, United Kingdom




Chiltern Architecture Studio

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Improvement House Ltd

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Professionally, Kate Fischer has specialised in bringing together traditional country-style architecture and contemporary, energy-efficient design. This special country house became her life project.

It was actually complete madness to buy this house as a base for a growing family,” explains architect and homeowner Kate Fischer. The traditional country house dates back to 1875 and is situated in the Chilterns – an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the south of England. It took a lot of time, patience and persuasive power to obtain a permit for the conversion and extension work. But the connection to nature was both a driving force and vision for her own home: “We were convinced that the location and the views justified the effort. I wanted to create a living space where we would feel immersed in nature all year round.”

As the tiny original windows restricted the stunning views of the hills and valleys but the original façade had to be retained, what is now the heart of the family home was created: a south-facing glass extension with an oakwood frame. The old foundation walls were exposed and now serve as a reminder of the traditional construction methods in the new section of the building. The glass extension performs many functions: it acts as a heat buffer and protects the old building from erratic weather and fierce winds with its highly insulated façade. The glass areas work like a huge solar collector, which heats up the bricks and flint stones inside using the sun‘s rays. This significantly reduces the heating requirements in the winter months. At the same time, the Folding Design sliding door prevents the house from overheating in summer, as it allows the rear of the building to be fully opened up.

The custom-made galvanised roof overhang blocks the high sun but can barely be seen from inside thanks to its curved shape. The mature deciduous trees on the plot are also part of the sustainable heating concept. They protect the façade from solar radiation in summer, yet allow the building to be warmed up by the sun in winter when they lose their leaves. Together with oak beams and floor-to-ceiling windows, the trees help to create a cosy “treehouse feel”, according to the client. “Our décor is bursting with creativity,” enthuses Kate Fischer. The blue-grey flint stone, the red bricks and the warm ochre of the oak wood set the colour palette. Paintings, sculptures and textiles that the art-loving family have collected “The house has grown with us and adapted to meet our needs.” KATE FISCHER, CLIENT AND ARCHITECT 24 Schüco panorama | DREAM HOMES Areas like the Chiltern Hills in the UK are designated “Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty” (AONB). These unique landscapes, their nature, the historical architecture found there and traces of early settlers are protected by special laws.

There are currently 38 zones that have been designated as AONB. The traditional architecture of the Chilterns is characterised by the consistent use of natural materials that can be found in the landscape. In the past, locally produced materials such as clay bricks, flint and timber were used for the construction of huts, houses and barns. This allowed the buildings to blend in perfectly with their surroundings and gave them their unmistakable character. WELL-PROTECTED NATURAL BEAUTIES Architect: Chiltern Architecture Studio Schüco products: Folding Design sliding doors Windows over the years adorn the walls and furniture. The sculpture in the kitchen is of a red kite, a bird which is native to the area and circles the sky outside. Today – as a family of six plus a dog – Kate Fischer has no regrets about choosing this house: “We love it here – from waking up in the treehouse bedroom to eating dinner together surrounded by nature in our open living space.”

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