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4-axis CNC machines

4-axis CNC machines

Want to increase your fabrication efficiency and quality? Then choose an innovative 4-axis CNC machine from Schüco. The 4-axis CNC machine from Schüco sets new standards in its category, with impressive performance from the entry-level model through to the all-rounder. Regardless of whether the CNC machine is to be integrated into your fabrication process to save space or optimised specifically for long profiles, the 4-axis CNC machines offer speed, precision and easy handling.

The complex made easy

3D processing can be completed with ease, as can large and deep cuts.

One for all

Cutting, milling, drilling and notching – several work steps can be carried out on just one machine. This reduces set-up times and makes your fabrication process more flexible.

Higher quality

CNC machines with at least five axes enable the machining of profiles with very large dimensions and with maximum precision.

Improved efficiency

The fabrication process is simplified and faster processing is facilitated. Employees are freed up and have more time for other work.

A variety of fabrication possibilities

Our 4-axis CNC machine offers diverse solutions for your fabrication processes. For example, it eliminates the need for templates for door locks. Even small CNC machines provide the benefits of computer-supported control and enable three-sided processing and end-of-profile machining. The CNC machines significantly raise the efficiency of your fabrication processes and thereby increase the profitability of your company.

Get the most out of fabrication

All-in-one fabrication process: plan, control and monitor the entire fabrication process using our machine software. Working with our machines is easy thanks to the simple and intuitive operation.

Use our CNC machines with perfectly tailored software. This, combined with your personal expertise, creates products of the highest quality. We can offer you comprehensive advice and design a holistic workshop concept that is individually tailored to your fabrication process.

Ideal applications

Which 4-axis CNC machine is the right choice for your fabrication processes? The areas of use are as varied as the range of models. From the entry-level model through to the all-rounder, the most varied tasks can be completed by our machines. We offer a workshop planning service in order to help you find the perfect CNC machine for your business.

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Additional information about 4-axis CNC machines

What is a 4-axis CNC machine?

What is a 4-axis CNC machine?

A 4-axis CNC machine is an extension of the classic 3-axis CNC machine, with an additional CNC rotational axis or a spindle on a portal along the Y axis. This allows for greater flexibility alongside easy operation.
A CNC milling machine generally consists of 3 axes and is therefore often referred to as a 3-axis machine or a 3D machine. There are 3 spindle processing axes: X, Y and Z (vertical). CNC milling machines with 4 axes use the same mechanisms and have an additional axis.

What can be achieved with a 4-axis CNC machine?

What can be achieved with a 4-axis CNC machine?

The fourth axis of a 4-axis CNC machine is a rotational axis which comprises a chuck and a headstock with a cylindrical tip. The chuck is connected to the motor, which ensures the product rotates together with the CNC swivel table. The headstock can move in the space, allowing you to set the distance between the components of the mechanism. The result is a system which can quickly and precisely position and process products of different sizes from all sides.

What are the 4 axes when milling with CNC machines?

What are the 4 axes when milling with CNC machines?

● Movements left and right along the X-axis
● Movements forwards and backwards along the Y-axis
● Movements upwards and downwards along the Z-axis
● The huge additional benefit of the moving rotational axis compared to 3-axis CNC machines