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Cross-cut and mitre saws

Schüco mitre saws: the perfect addition to your workshop

The mitre saw is a tool that almost every workshop has in its arsenal. Cutting material to a certain length at 90° is never enough on its own. Making mitre cuts at all different angles is part and parcel of metal fabrication and should therefore be straightforward. With this in mind, a mitre saw is a highly recommended investment for your workshop.

Precise angled cuts

Our mitre saw produces predefined angles in a component in one saw cut. This kind of saw can be used to easily saw aluminium straight or at a certain angle, for example from -45° to +45°. The saw uses a round saw blade to remove the material and thus to make the saw cut.

Fine-tuned functionality

Our cross-cut and mitre saws use a rotating saw blade that cuts through the sawing stock to produce a preset mitre cut. Be it for the classic 45° angle or a specific dimension, Schüco mitre saws are impressively versatile.

Depending on the design, there are cut-outs in the work surface that correspond to a 45° or 90° angle. The saw only moves within the cut-outs, meaning that the work surface remains intact during individual sawing operations.