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We are setting the benchmark for healthy, smart and secure building with outstanding, pioneering solutions. For our AWS 90 AC.SI window system, this means:
Natural window ventilation with sound reduction
Can be designed as a turn/tilt window
Excellent thermal insulation

Our new Schüco Innovation Now online platform hones in on three topics which will shape construction for years to come:

Health – Healthy Building. Smart – Smart Building. Security – Secure Building.

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Natural window ventilation with simultaneous sound reduction

Urban noise is not just disturbing, it also impacts on quality of life and in cases of constant noise exposure even leads to illness. The WHO (World Health Organization) guidelines on environmental noise state that it is one of the most important environmental risks to the physical and psychological health of the population.

We are faced with a constant dilemma – either close the windows for sound reduction or open them for ventilation but be faced with the associated noise pollution.

The solution: An acoustic window solution that can be opened for ventilation and keeps disturbing traffic noise outside.

AWS 90 AC.SI is a window system that is particularly suitable for buildings in noisy environments. Especially sensitive rooms, such as bedrooms and children's rooms on the façade sides facing the street, can be naturally ventilated with this window system, without being disturbed by traffic noise.

Awards & Certifications

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Fabrication benefits

  • AC acoustic version of the AWS 90 system – practically identical fabrication to the familiar Schüco AWS modular system
  • Single-skin window solution – reduced fabrication time compared to multi-skin box window solutions
  • Threshold gasket as centre gasket frame – simple, precise fabrication of the second centre gasket
  • Simple fabrication of the centre gasket, as this is mitred
  • Simple insertion and fixing of the pre-fabricated ventilation cassettes


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