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The digital twin for every element

With Internet of Façades and the IoF ID, Schüco is turning windows, doors, façades and sliding systems into components of digital building envelopes. Each element of a building is given its own digital identity by the small badge. All data, information, documents and service messages for an element are stored on it and are available for the life of the element. The IoF ID can be used in aluminium, plastic or steel, and can also be retrofitted.



Do you have 3 minutes? The short video explains Schüco Internet of Façades and the IoF ID in simple terms.

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With IoF, windows, doors and sliding elements become components of digitally networked buildings - find out more in the video.


A small plaque with a big impact. All information at a glance - here you will find the IoF ID brochure.

Direct and simple Acceptance and documentation

After assembly and acceptance, for example, photos can be taken of the element and linked to the element and a date. The advantage of this is direct detection if a defect is reported. Simple chain of proof.

Sensible interfaces

Projects can be transferred directly from SchüCal to IoF with all elements and documents.

Time savings Service on a new level

With the IoF ID, the service for elements is rethought. Customers can set a service message via the app. The service visit is planned directly in the office - an on-site appointment is only required for the actual repair work. The stored element information and the service history facilitate the permanent safe operation of the element.

Three that belong together IoF Hardware, Software and App

With the trio of IoF ID, IoF Manager and IoF App, information can be easily assigned to and read from each element.


1,90 € from 50 piece

You will receive the IoF ID in a package of 50 pieces. To take full advantage of all the benefits and functions, you need the IoF ecosystem consisting of IoF Manager and IoF App. Both applications are permanently available to you free of charge. Download and try it out right away!


Good to know

Here you will find the direct links to the app download and the IoF Manager: