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Fabrication Data Center mobile

Flexible info terminal for manufacturing

The FDC mobile makes the functions of the stationary Fabrication Data Center flexibly available in the workshop. The robust and splash-proof tablet is always at your side with all production-relevant information - whether in the warehouse, at the machine or on the construction site.

With its functions, the FDC mobile makes your everyday life easier. Call up the latest information in the Docu Center, cut transom bars or document production orders - the FDC mobile offers these and many more functions. An integrated barcode scanner, for example, enables clear bar assignment during production and localisation in SchüCal.

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"We have both the FDC and the FDC mobile in use and thus increase process reliability immensely. Up-to-date stands, safety in production and the linking of machines and software help the female employees in the workshop enormously."

Udo Brügge
Design engineer - Ventker Metallbau GmbH & Co. KG


Do you have 3 minutes? The FDC mobile is explained simply in the short video.

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Retrieve all information at every workstation? Join us on a tour of the workshop.


All information at a glance - here you will find the Fabrication Data Center brochure.

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Always up to date

For optimal workflows, the workshop needs more flexibility and easy access to up-to-date information. The FDC mobile and its applications support exactly that. Directly at every station and every process step, the FDC makes mobile up-to-date production information available where it is needed.

Helpful interfaces

The Fabrication Data Center mobile has the SchüCal workshop edition with a customised user interface and FPC support. An interface to the Docu Center makes product documentation and assembly videos always available.

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FPC support

The FDC mobile supports factory production control: Simply photograph the completed FPC document and save it in the SchüCal project. In this way, you guarantee the immutability of the document and comply with the legal requirements.

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Synchronisation of server data

All data that is changed on the FDC mobile, such as the picking list during stock reconciliation or the parts list in the case of notes or queries, is kept synchronised at all workstations via the common data storage on the server.


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Good to know

CAD drawings can be called up at any time with the integrated DWG viewer.