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Automation for metal fabrication

Automation for metal fabrication

What does the fabrication of the future look like? Discover the benefits that Schüco automation technology can offer to see your company through the tough job market and the increasing demand for high-quality, precise materials.

The use of automation technology for fabrication offers numerous advantages in terms of your production.

Improved efficiency

Robots are often more efficient than human labour and can complete two to three times more work in the same amount of time. They can also complete tasks with fewer fluctuations in quality.

Higher quality

Machines can carry out tasks often with a minimal error rate. Consistency in the metal fabrication industry is very important.

Data-based fabrication

Modern, automated machines are equipped with sensors and software which record a large amount of relevant data, such as the work performed, the timeframe in which a task was completed, and the machine's performance when carrying out the task.

Greater safety

Many modern machines have sophisticated safety mechanisms which reduce the risks for those involved in their operation. The elimination of monotonous work processes minimises fatigue for employees over longer periods of time.