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Schüco Interior AP VS 43 ST - A new dimension in interior design

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Schüco is a specialist in system solutions for windows, doors and façades. With the innovative Schüco Interior AP VS 43 ST aluminium partition wall system, Schüco is opening up a new dimension in interior design of the highest quality.

The new partition wall system opens up numerous possibilities for open rooms flooded with light. The Schüco Interior AP VS 43 ST system can be used to separate rooms and create new ones, and is suitable for use in offices, homes and hotels. The wide variety of infill materials available for the Schüco Interior AP VS 43 ST system provides maximum flexibility in terms of design and appearance. Thanks to its very narrow profile face width of just 43 millimetres, the system achieves maximum transparency to satisfy individual design requirements, ensuring any requirements for open-plan concepts, modern architecture as well as flowing, natural light can be met. Elements that disturb the style of a space are a thing of the past.

The wide selection of infill materials offers maximum flexibility in terms of design and appearance, while the optimised number of profile types means that stock levels can be kept low and the modular system can be installed efficiently and easily on site. Glass, wood, aluminium, metal and acoustic units with the same material thickness can be easily combined together.

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Architects' Darling Award 2022

And the Winner is...

We are very pleased about the awards in the categories Partition Wall Systems and Best Advertisement.

With our room design system from Schüco Interior Systems as the best partition wall system, we were able to secure the GOLD Award - in addition, the BRONZE Award was given to us for our advertisement.

"We are very pleased about the awards. The awards are important feedback for us from the architecture industry - so we are very grateful that our products have received such a positive response," explains Michael Wiegand, Head of Sales at Schüco Interior Systems KG. The room design system with all its facets offers design-oriented solutions for the individual design of working and living areas and inspires with its individuality.

We would like to thank all those involved for their contribution.

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Partition wall systems

Partition wall systems

Office walkway - AP VS 43 ST

A new dimension in interior design.

Schüco Interior partition wall systems offer maximum transparency for individual design requirements thanks to their narrow profile face widths. Project-specific requirements such as sound reduction and stability can be easily met and the systems can be flexibly used in different areas thanks to the wide variety of infill materials and innovative enhancements.

Our products from the partition wall systems category

Schüco Interior AP VS 43 ST_ Home Office

Schüco Interior AP VS 43 ST

Room design systems

Room design systems

Something new, unusual or creative. Focusing on the essentials. Bringing form and function together in harmony. Schüco Openstyle is the perfect product for creative, individual room design. The system is flexible, light, transparent and can be used anywhere, providing endless inspiration for new lifestyles and interior designs.

Our products from the Room systems category

Schüco Openstyle

Schüco MST Sliding door system

Shelving systems

Shelving systems

With an extremely wide range of possible uses, Schüco shelf systems can define an entire room design – elegantly on the wall, integrated in the kitchen, and as single pieces of furniture such as a free-standing shelf or coffee table. The possibilities are endless.

Stand systems

Stand systems

Schüco stand systems combine simple, elegant looks with high stability. Stylish and slimline, in the sloped or straight design, these pieces really stand our as table frames or base frames for a piece of furniture.

Handle systems

Handle systems

Open, hidden or surface-mounted – there are so many requirements and possibilities, which Schüco meets with its versatile handle systems. There is something for everyone.

Midway and wall systems

Midway and wall systems


Midway systems create the perfect transition between the worktop and rear wall. They also stand out as wall cladding. Schüco helps make living spaces more open by offering the perfect solutions for connecting individual rooms while staying true to the overall design.

Frame systems

Frame systems

Schüco frame systems offer a great deal of design freedom with their variety of profile cross sections – be it as a transparent glass frame or front frame to conceal and protect what's inside.

System components

System components

The extensive range of Schüco system components completes the Schüco system and product portfolio with practical, user-friendly components – they all offer added convenience, from the drawer organiser and storage system embedded in the worktop through to the attractive, high-quality base system.

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