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Schüco Handlebars / Recessed Handles

Whether straight, curved, combined with different contours or intriguing surface textures – find the perfect Handlebar to suit your personal taste and style in the wide range available from Schüco Interior Systems. 

There is more to it than meets the eye. With its minimalist style, the Recessed Handle is discreet, but reveals its technical complexity in everyday use. The Recessed Handles from Schüco Interior Systems are robust, ergonomic and pleasing to touch.

Product benefits

  • Exclusive design
  • Bespoke

  • Anodising of individual Handlebars

  • Complete accessories in high-quality, painted design

  • Profiles available for the corner carousel cabinet and integrated dishwasher

  • End caps and inner and outer corners are available

  • Corner chevron for 135° solutions

  • LED light strip option

  • Integrated cable duct

Take a closer look at the Handlebars (pdf, 1.1 MB) and Recessed Handles (pdf, 2.8 MB).

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