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CAD Advanced design software for metal construction

ATHENA ISE is a one-stop CAD solution for the façade builder that can handle even the most complex design tasks. The software makes it easier for users to work with numerous productivity commands, which significantly reduces the risks of many manual work errors. The Schüco Edition (SE) includes a SchüCal interface and offers extensive additional functions for a wide range of applications when creating views, sections and workshop drawings.

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Creation of customised solutions and bar assemblies, which are later derived into production drawings and parts lists.

In ATHENA ISE there is an interface from SchüCal, for easy transfer of elements. Compared to SchüCad Next, the combination of the SchüCal interface and ATHENA ISE offers access to many additional powerful commands and tools that make working on complex projects and special solutions easier.

With the sheet metal processing function, sheet metal parts can be designed in the simplest way and automatically unwound. The calculation functions for statics and building physics in ATHENA ISE are sophisticated tools for preliminary dimensioning during the planning process.

Intuitive work through an extensive standard parts library with more than 100,000 articles that can be used in both 2D and 3D.


189 €

The costs include training and subsequent support. Are you interested in an individual consultation? Please feel free to contact us.


Good to know

ATHENA ISE's comprehensive range of features makes it the only CAD solution needed at a single workstation.