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Comprehensively flexible

The heavy-duty spindle motor of this three-axis machine enables powerful machining of aluminium and steel profiles. Even large workpieces up to a width of 300 millimetres can be moved cleverly, flexibly and comfortably: Ergonomically designed loading and unloading at 30° makes the machine easier to operate. With multi-bar loading, different profiles can be loaded in one set-up and the travel detection saves time. Three-sided machining can be easily controlled by means of a 3D visualisation and is carried out dynamically with extraordinary performance.

The Schüco AF 310 - successor to the Schüco AF 300 - is a new 4-axis CNC machine which, with its intelligent control, the latest milling spindle technology and easy operation, ensures maximum dynamism and precision in fabrication.

Equipped with a powerful, compressed air-cooled 8.5 kW spindle, the Schüco AF 310 generates a torque of 13.5 Nm at speeds of up to 24,000 rpm.

Thanks to the swivel axis with a swivel range of +/- 110°, the Schüco AF 310 enables three-sided processing of a profile in just one clamping operation.

The tool magazine, which has been enlarged to include 10 tool positions, is designed in such a way that two side milling cutters can be stored at the same time.

The high processing speed of the X axis (150 m/min) reduces distribution time to a minimum.

The redesigned two-level clamping area (first level to 230 mm, second level to 300 mm) of the five motorised clamps allows a triple-track sliding unit from the Schüco ASS 70.HI series to be clamped.

In addition to the many processing options, the 30° insertion position of the Schüco AF 310 enables ergonomic working and a clear view of the clamping position.


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