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Slimline and transparent – Schüco Panorama Design sliding doors offer the widest possible vistas. The frameless sliding doors, which are embedded flush into the wall, ceiling and floor, have a maximum glass area and minimal frames. A highlight in any building!

Classic Design lift-and-slide doors are the right solution for almost any requirements. The numerous comfort and design features (narrow face width, barrier-free zero-level threshold, automated control) make this door a great all-rounder.

The Schüco folding sliding systems allow planning freedom for commercial and residential projects alike, without the building being restricted by the system. Large vent sizes and weights are possible, as are various opening types.


Pushing boundaries.

Schüco Design sliding doors

The right solution for every building project

All building projects have different, individual requirements. With every new project, developers and architects have to grapple with the specific structural requirements and choose the sliding door with the best combination of performance and functions. When developing our Schüco Design sliding doors, we have therefore focused on the following areas in particular.


Transparent façade solutions and sliding doors represent a new, contemporary minimalist style that offers designers and users more than ever before. On our sliding doors, large glass units and minimal face widths are just as important to us as a linear design.


Having a large degree of flexibility is a significant advantage in the planning stage. Our three sliding door types are able to accommodate clients' specific wishes. Various opening types, different profile options and additional add-ons also give the designer freedom to be creative.


Comfort solutions should always satisfy all users' needs, both in the present and the future. Whether they are automatic, have smart control systems, can be integrated into an existing smart home system, or offer the forward-thinking solution of a barrier-free level threshold, Schüco sliding doors offer a wide range of possible features.


In our Technology Center, which is also the largest test centre for windows, doors and façades in Europe, all systems are thoroughly tested. The performance values for our Design sliding doors are also validated in our our own sliding door test centre.

Panorama, Classic or Folding Design? Three sliding doors – countless options.

Whether as a Panorama Design, lift-and-slide or folding sliding system solution, they all allow a high level of operating comfort, thermal insulation, security and design to be perfectly combined. Narrow profile face widths permit large-scale units with maximum light penetration. In terms of technology and design, all the systems offer a range of fittings and design options which meet all the requirements of commercial and private residential projects.