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The flexible façade

The demand for functional, flexible façades continues to increase. This makes it all the more important for architects, investors and building users to be able to enjoy new creative freedom. FACID makes it possible to create adaptable façade concepts which can be used to showcase a range of different building structures in a more attractive way. The sophisticated system technology behind the textile façade allows for functional and exceptional design freedom alongside practical benefits. The result is an impressive, intelligent solution for meeting the ever-increasing requirements for building architecture.


Are you looking to design a freeform façade, create a building which radiates character, ensure maximum transparency or impress with a strong statement building? FACID offers all these possibilities and more. The flexibility of FACID mean that the façade can be adapted and shaped to fit a wide range of supporting surfaces. This creates unique designs which can be quickly adapted while the building is operational thanks to the use of system profiles.

Interview with an architect


"FACID unleashes real added value for buildings – and for clients, who can show that they are innovative while also making design statements. "

FACID makes a statement!