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Controlled, room-specific air exchange without having to open the window? Introducing Schüco VentoTherm Twist. With incoming air, outgoing air and heat recovery of up to 80%, the ventilation system allows for optimum energy saving and meets the highest energy requirements.

Self-regulating window ventilators Schüco VentoFrame, Schüco VentoFrame Asonic and Schüco VentoAir are installed in the outer frame of your windows so that they are almost invisible. They provide a steady, adequate supply of fresh air without you having to open the window.

The Schüco VentoTherm Twist ventilation system looks after basic ventilation, while Schüco TipTronic SimplySmart drives are automated so as to provide smart window ventilation and additional fresh air, particularly if there are a large number of people in your building.


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