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Controlled, room-specific air exchange without having to open the window? Introducing Schüco VentoTherm Twist. With incoming air, outgoing air and heat recovery of up to 80%, the ventilation system allows for optimum energy saving and meets the highest energy requirements.

Self-regulating window ventilators Schüco VentoFrame, Schüco VentoFrame Asonic and Schüco VentoAir are installed in the outer frame of your windows so that they are almost invisible. They provide a steady, adequate supply of fresh air without you having to open the window.

The Schüco VentoTherm Twist ventilation system looks after basic ventilation, while Schüco TipTronic SimplySmart drives are automated so as to provide smart window ventilation and additional fresh air, particularly if there are a large number of people in your building.


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Schüco ventilation systems

Ventilation concepts for every occasion

Ventilating buildings is about more than just the exchange of air. Ventilation helps you to protect the building fabric long-term, save energy and retain the value of your property. Most importantly, it influences the health of those who live and work in the building. Schüco decentralised ventilation systems stand out from the crowd with their myriad benefits. The different systems are designed to suit different needs, and are long-lasting and easily integrated. Moreover, the systems can be installed in specific rooms, allowing for individual ventilation concepts which let you breathe freely. 

Ventilation concepts for residential use

When designing the ventilation for residential properties, the emphasis is on protection from damp with the aim of avoiding mould. Window-integrated external air inlets such as Schüco VentoFrame and Schüco VentoFrame Asonic provide sufficient air supply, while Schüco VentoAir window rebate fans can be used for smaller volume flows.

Ventilation concepts for offices and administrative buildings

The most important aim for the ventilation of frequently used office and commercial buildings is to reduce the levels of CO2 and VOC in the ambient air. Surface-mounted ventilator Schüco VentoTherm Twist achieves this with its optimum, energy-efficient ventilation, while also taking up little space as it is integrated in the building envelope.

Ventilation concepts for schools

Schools and nurseries mean a high number of people staying in closed rooms for long periods of time. Adequate ventilation for removing aerosols and reducing the concentration of CO2 is therefore essential for creating a safe and healthy environment. The Schüco VentoTherm Twist hybrid ventilation concept and the Schüco TipTronic SimplySmart drives for automated window ventilation ensure a consistent stream of high-quality air.

Ventilation concepts for medical institutions

Air hygiene and the reduction of CO2 levels are top priorities when ventilating medical practices, wards and waiting rooms. A hybrid concept of mechanical and natural ventilation can achieve these goals. Schüco VentoTherm Twist includes integrated sensors which control the speed of the ventilators according to need, while additional blast ventilation can be achieved with the Schüco TipTronic SimplySmart or DriveTec drives, which can open the windows wide without the user having to move.

Decentralised ventilation solutions

The type of room, the number of people using it and the time of year all contribute to determining the perfect level of ventilation. Our intelligent ventilation systems offer the optimum solution, meaning you no longer have to choose between a comfortable room temperature, excellent air quality and sustainable energy efficiency. And all of this is fully concealed in the windows, so you don't have to compromise on your design vision with Schüco systems.