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Schüco AW CT 72 Window System

Windows flood living spaces with light, while providing protection from the weather and environment. Schüco aluminium windows are high-tech products, with timeless design and intelligent technology they ensure the best security, comfort and aesthetics.

The latest highlight in the Schüco product portfolio is the Schüco AW CT 72 window system. Designed for a wide range of uses, this system impresses with its balanced proportion of basic depth, U value and face width, achieving the optimum price/performance ratio.

109988_01 Schueco AW CT 72 007

The perfect combination of profiles and fittings

The level of prefabrication of AW CT 72 can be increased through profile processing leading to faster production and improved reliability. The profiles are available in the usual options as customer-rolled, pre-rolled or rolled by Schüco. Polyamide and polythermid insulating bars are available. The glazing bead does not require a glazing bead clip but can be clipped into the vent profile direct.

The system is completed with the Schüco CoreTec fitting which was developed especially for Schüco AW CT 72 and is perfectly tailored to this window. The fittings combines well-known Schüco handle design with well thought out components for efficient fabrication.

The combination of the AW CT 72 profile and the Schüco CoreTec fitting achieves the optimum balance between thermal performance and cost-efficiency.

01.Rendering AW72 Part 01 MMW_DK_Standard 2019-05-16

Fabrication Benefits

By reducing the level of fabrication complexity and thereby speeding up the process, the system allows fabricators to significantly increase their efficiency levels. Additional planning support through the SchüCal and SchüCad software solutions, as well as other Schüco services is also available. This minimises potential errors whilst improving both production speed and reliability.

The process of installing the gaskets only involves one component, the vent frame, and to ensure that fabrication is as simple and efficient as possible all of the gaskets are located in the opening vent frame.

In addition, the fittings components are fitted with clips for pre-fixing, so that the parts are supported in the fittings groove prior to being fixed with screws. This enables the vent frames to be moved around during production without the fittings components losing their position.


Technical data

Max vent weight

100 kg

Max vent width

1,400 mm

Max vent height

2350 mm




Wind load resistance

DIN EN 12211


Air permeability (class)

DIN EN 1026

Class 4

Weathertightness (class)

DIN EN 1027


Uw value *

≥ 1,3 W/(m²K)

Continuous operation

DIN EN 1191

Class 3 (20,000 cycles)

Burglar resistance

DIN EN 1627

PAS 24

RC 2

PAS 24

Airborne sound reduction

DIN EN ISO 10140-2

Rw 46 dB

* 1.23 m x 1.48m/ PA bar/double gazing

Integrated sun shading available

The Schüco AW CT 72 window system also benefits from uniform design and integrated functions, such as the Integralmaster sun shading built into the glazing bead. The Integralmaster is an internal roller blind system without bulky cassettes or lateral guides. The roller blind cassette and lateral guide are single components that are already integrated in the glazing beads. This means that the Integralmaster is almost completely concealed when installed in the window.


Key benefits at a glance:

  • The level of prefabrication can be increased through profile processing.
  • Large-volume centre gaskets in the outer frame are not necessary. All the gaskets are located in the vent frame, reducing the level of complexity in vent fabrication.
  • The profiles can have a two-colour design if rolled by the fabricators or rolled by Schüco.
  • The balanced combination of basic depth, face width and U value of 1.3 W/(m²K) provides the perfect solution for example for student accommodation or the private rental sector.

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