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Barrier-free window and patio doors

Barrier-free building shows foresight. All the barrier-free units in your home allow for the living space to be used independently – largely without any help. Schüco offers the right solutions for this. In addition to a completely level threshold for a trip-free transition, there are also comfort components to make opening a window effortless.

Patio door with level threshold

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A patio door with level threshold offers maximum comfort for people of all ages. But there are a number of components at work in the technology required for a non-existent threshold. The level threshold from Schüco is completely flush with the floor and thus allows trip-free access. In this way, the threshold achieves the highest class 6 in accordance with ift guideline BA-01/1 for determining and classifying the rollover capacity of thresholds. In terms of design, you can choose between a single-vent and a double-vent version of the patio door. If it rains outside, two continuous sealing levels ensure optimum weathertightness for the system. The barrier-free patio door with level threshold thus achieves class 9A watertightness (DIN EN 12208). The threshold can be combined with commercially available drainage systems and offers an integrated non-return valve for optimum water drainage. Furthermore, a delayed hydraulic lowering process guarantees effortless closing for everyone.

Barrier-free windows are extremely easy to operate

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Everyone should be able to operate a window. It is therefore especially important to design the opening and closing process to be as easy as possible. Barrier-free comfort components, such as the comfort fittings, the cord ejectors and the spring-loaded unit, can be installed in windows with 70, 75 and 90 mm basic depths and guarantee barrier-free operating forces in accordance with DIN 18040-2.

✓ 30 N for the tilt position

✓ 5 Nm to operate the handle

Find out more about fittings here.

Barrier-free, versatile use

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The AWS barrier-free window system offers a high degree of flexibility and is extremely versatile. Whether it's handle height, ease of operation or a level threshold, windows and window doors can be designed to be barrier-free throughout the project. It is also possible to choose between side-hung windows, turn/tilt windows or even floor-to-ceiling units.

✓ Patio or balcony door with level threshold and easy operation

✓ Side-hung window on a spandrel with easy operation and horizontal handle

✓ Turn/tilt window on a spandrel with easy operation

✓ All designs have a low handle position

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Barrier-free windows

Barrier-free window and patio doors