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Strong and robust yet slimline and elegant

Steel Windows

Steel is the perfect material for high-quality windows and doors which stand the test of time. Known for its strength and endurance, steel has very high structural properties, making it ideal for use where special requirements such as fire resistance or large-scale glazing are desired. This also means it is particularly suitable for public buildings subject to frequent use, including offices, schools and hospitals.

The inherent strength of steel allows extremely slimline profiles to be constructed across very wide spans, enabling narrower sightlines with larger areas of glass. This gives you endless possibilities for maximum creative freedom.

Contemporary steel products from Schüco Jansen Steel Systems are the top choice for sophisticated renovation projects. They respect the original style of historical buildings while adding a contemporary touch, ensuring that the old buildings we love and treasure meet modern insulation and security standards, so that they can be enjoyed for many years to come.

Jansen AG is a steel systems business based in Oberriet in Switzerland and has been a licence partner of Schüco since 2000. Schüco offers consultancy for and sells steel system products in the UK and European markets under the name Schüco Jansen Steel Systems. This allows our customers and partners to benefit from the combined expertise of two industry leaders.

Janisol windows – modern technology with a classic touch

Schueco Jansen Steel Systems offers non-insulated, thermally insulated and highly thermally insulated window systems to suit any style, from traditional to modern. A wide range of different opening types and geometries are available. Arched windows, structural reinforcement and aesthetic adaptations of standard steel profiles can also be produced cost-effectively in individual units and small quantities. As a result, the Janisol system is very much in demand, not only for new buildings, but also for renovation projects.

Jansen Art’15 – stylish design for upscale interiors

Jansen Art'15 is the result of years of collaboration with Europe's top architects. World-class designers make extensive use of Jansen steel windows, doors and façades to create truly unique buildings. Jansen Art'15 is an exclusive addition to these elegant profile systems for use in private homes, offering interior design of the highest quality.

  • Range of different profiles available to suit any design requirement
  • The traditional, handcrafted metalwork makes every product a unique piece
  • Solid and durable system to make your home stand out

Janisol Arte 2.0 – the perfect choice for renovations

Janisol Arte 2.0 has been specially developed for the renovation of existing windows in listed buildings. It faithfully restores the historical building’s original character and allows the value of the property to be retained.

  • Wide variety of opening types
  • Profiles available in stainless steel and Corten steel
  • Excellent thermal insulation with narrow profile face widths
  • Also perfect for use in modern residential buildings