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More than a view - sliding systems from Schüco

Expand your living space with a Schüco sliding systems. An uninterrupted, expansive view of the outside stirs emotion on the inside. Using touch or sound the sliding unit is activated, triggering the sliding unit and the impulse to step beyond the indoors. Inside becomes outside, space grows, air flows and the view is limitless. It's more than a view!

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Your view from inside to outside, should showcase everything down to the last detail. Nothing should disturb or detract from the harmony between nature and architecture. With the Panorama Design sliding units, Schüco creates maximum transparency for an uninterrupted view of nature or the urban environment.


It does not take much to move Schüco sliding systems. A smooth lever movement, a fingertip on a screen, or brushing a sensor-linked touch point are all sufficient to open the inside into the outside, or vice versa. It does not matter whether it is manual or mechatronic operation.


One step can change everything: your perspective, state, consciousness. That step across the threshold to the outside provides freedom, moves the body and mind, and floods the senses. Various opening types and transitions without thresholds make it possible. Sustainable planning begins and ends with Schüco.