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  • Welcome Forum Bielefeld

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Schüco Welcome Forum!


Please agree a suitable time to visit in advance with the showroom team.

When you visit us, the following rules apply:
We are currently asking all visitors to provide proof of vaccination, proof of recovery from coronavirus or proof of a rapid antigen test carried out on the same day.

Welcome Forum at the Schüco Campus in Bielefeld

Something dynamic to be experienced - that's what the Welcome Forum in Bielefeld is all about. Here, you can learn all there is to know about the world of Schüco. The central foyer connects all the various areas of the Schüco Welcome Forum - there is the Showroom Fabrication, Showroom Products, Newsroom and the café.

Learn about the construction process for the Welcome Forum, the different areas and information on exhibits, machines and lots more right here.

Showroom Fabrication

Showroom Fabrication

From small to huge, our various machines can be seen in action in the Showroom Fabrication in Bielefeld. Because here we believe in seeing, touching, and trying out.

27.01.2022: The first machines move into the Welcome Forum

The Showroom Fabrication is taking shape. As the first pieces of machinery move in, we are getting an idea of how the showroom on the Bielefeld Campus will soon look. Take a look for yourself at our video of moving-in day. As soon as you start the video, you can add English subtitles via the settings at the bottom right of the screen.


"We decided to offer our visitors an interactive Schüco experience. Our machines will therefore be fully functional and our colleagues will operate them and showcase what they do. This will create a really special experience for our guests."

Tina Diekmann, Project Management Office & Marketing Fabrication

Schüco RX LOAD 500

Together, the AF 500 CNC machine and the state-of-the-art KUKA robot technology, Quantec Ultra, form a processing unit with autonomous loading and unloading capabilities. This means that the first step towards automation in fabrication is being made through robotics. Through autonomous loading and unloading, fully automatic cutting, and controlled machining of profiles, the RX LOAD 500 robot cell optimises and accelerates fabrication processes. The RX LOAD 500 alleviates the workload for anyone carrying out physically demanding and time-consuming tasks, like loading the CNC machine. This gives qualified employees more capacity for complex quality assurance tasks, for example, in assembly. It is also possible to switch between manual and safe automatic operation at any time.

You can find more information about the Schüco RX LOAD 500 here


Schüco AS 100

The Schüco AS 100 machine, with its myriad options for the cutting and notching of profiles, is as flexible as a state-of-the-art 5 axis machine. The new fabrication system combines the benefits of a continuous feed machine with those of a 5 axis CNC machine, for a wide variety of options, cost-effective fabrication, processes that can be scheduled and flexible machining. With its speed, continuous fabrication process and operation that is sometimes unmanned, the machine offers all the benefits of a continuous feed system. This new titan of fabrication optimisation further impresses with its minimal space requirements. This is due to a combined loading and unloading magazine, which can hold profiles up to 7500 mm.

You can find more information about the Schüco AS 100 here.

„The Showroom Fabrication is a unique opportunity to see Schüco machines in action and is also central to the concept for the Schüco Welcome Forum. We showcase the world of Schüco as part of the overall value added chain: from planning to calculation, from prefabrication to assembly. The Welcome Forum presents Schüco in its entirety: systems, digital products, fabrication and services.“

Andreas Darlath, Head of Business Unit Fabrication

Would you like to know more? You can find more information about Schüco machinery here.

Showroom Products

Showroom Products

The Showroom Products, with a height of 8 metres, is the tallest area in the Schüco Welcome Forum and is home to some very large exhibits. Learn about the various Schüco products on display in the Product Showroom: 28 large exhibits, 45 table samples as well as display units.

We started moving the exhibits into the Schüco Welcome Forum in December 2021.

Bit by bit, the Product Showroom filled up. Find out here (pdf, 69.6 KB) about the exhibits from the areas of Health, Smart, Security, Digital Solutions and Services, which you can look forward to seeing with your own eyes at the Welcome Forum.

Credits: D'art

"The Welcome Forum allows us to present the wide range of Schüco products to our guests for the first time in an entirely new scope and context. Our challenge for the Showroom Products was to create exhibits that correspond to real-life situations despite not being attached to real buildings. The construction and structure of the large exhibits with their many different integrated products was therefore very demanding."

Oliver Hans, Senior Innovation Manager


In the Health area, the focus is on healthy construction. This means employing products which protect users against harmful substances, regulate sunlight and temperature, or increase comfort. We have therefore created energy-efficient, sustainable products with a long lifespan.

The Schüco AF UDC 80 Green Façade is a highlight of the Health area. The project-specific green façade has a sustainable, positive impact on the environment and on the quality of life in towns and cities. It also offers a wide range of designs with different plants and system structures.

UDC80GreenFacade (1)
Grid2Shell (1)


Smart to us means more than simply offering products which network or automate buildings through the smart control of lighting, ventilation or heating. It also means developing intelligent solutions which go beyond building automation. Intelligent products are those which meet the needs for security, health, comfort and cost-efficiency while providing maximum energy-efficiency and sustainability.

This applies to our Schüco Grid2Shell freeform façade, an aluminium and glass construction that can be used as a complete curtain wall or as a skylight construction. The multifaceted options offer maximum design freedom, while a simple construction and our support in the design and planning process ensure this product is smart on every level.


In the field of Security, we present security solutions with a focus on fire protection and high security. We offer a wide spectrum of tested system solutions for fire protection which combine maximum security and design freedom. High security involves protection against bullets, break-ins using high-strength tools, and explosions. For this special field, we brought on board an absolute specialist – security expert SÄLZER.

The SÄLZER S6 security door is a modern aluminium high security door with inter-compatible burglar, bullet and blast resistance. Despite the high security requirements, the door has a contemporary look and offers design freedom. Various tested design options are available, such as single and double-leaf doors with sidelights and/or toplights for individual installation situations.

Digital_Key Visual

Digital Solutions & Services

With our holistic digital solutions, we aim to make life easier for all those involved, from the initial idea to fabrication and use in the building. Solutions for making work easier and increasing efficiency are individual to each project and contribute to this goal.

The satisfaction of all those involved is also important to us, which is why we value communication. We offer excellent service, be it in after sales, partner consulting, training and specification or digital planning support. With the help of our after sales service, you can retain or even increase the value of your property. Our reliable and sustainable service offers everything you need with regard to maintenance, repair, retrofitting or the supply of compatible replacement parts, all from a single source.


"The Welcome Forum is the perfect place to comprehensively present our solutions and services. Every exhibit in the Showroom Products was designed with a passion for detail and is therefore something quite special. There is a lot for visitors to discover here!"

Thomas Abend, Head of Brand Spaces

Would you like to know more? You can find more information on Schüco products here.



Dive into the world of Schüco in the interactive Newsroom! With the Schüco Welcome app, you can learn more about our company history and find out the story behind the VW camper on display here.

The Newsroom is the place to get all your questions answered, whether you are interested in facts and figures, Schüco and our history, reference projects from the field of residential and commercial construction, and so much more!





Have you taken in a lot of information and gained new insights? Then you are sure to need a break. Our café offers a place to re-energise with a selection of regional, sustainably produced organic food and drink. Make yourself comfortable in our café or enjoy our outdoor area when the weather permits.

Would you like to take home a memento of your great day at the Schüco Welcome Forum? The neighbouring shop offers a selection of Schüco items and souvenirs.

The story so far

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Schüco Welcome Forum. But what was the vision when planning started and when did construction work begin? Let's take a look back together at the milestones, from the earliest planning through to the completion of the Schüco Welcome Forum.


6 questions for one fine day.

Together with Daniela Hake and Holger Hoffmann from architectural practice one fine day, we take a look back at the project. The architectural practice was founded in Düsseldorf in 2011 and has provided planning support to Schüco throughout the entire construction process. What was the architectural vision when planning started? What makes the Schüco Welcome Forum so special? We asked one fine day these questions and more during our interview.

What was your vision for the Welcome Forum at the start of the planning process?

“Our vision was to create architecture which reflects the development of the company and the location and which correlates with the current possibilities and ideas, while remaining firmly grounded. It was also important to us to make the visitors the centre of the building. The central foyer, which sets the scene for and provides access to the other areas of the Welcome Forum, was designed with this in mind.“

What particular challenges, surprises or special moments did you experience during the project?

“Winning the contract at the beginning of 2018 was a really special moment for us. Surprises are always encountered during the construction process, where the spaces we have developed virtually begin to materialise and we experience that spatial arc of suspense. Although virtual reality models allow us to make very comprehensive assessments of the features at the design stage, the built reality is always better. As ever, the balancing act between what is demanded and what is possible is a fundamental challenge. Designing and constructing during the pandemic made the already dynamic process much more difficult, but also demonstrated the potential of digital planning tools.“

How would you describe the Welcome Forum in three words?

“Fitting, elegant and unusual.“

How does the Welcome Forum fit into the Campus?

“Although the Welcome Forum is smaller in size than the neighbouring buildings, its black, articulated volumes create a real focal point on the Campus. Large openings accommodate important lines of sight, allow you to see inside and anchor the building in the surrounding space. To the observer, the Welcome Forum looks different depending on the angle. In certain lights, the façade looks almost like a fabric curtain. The building is therefore reminiscent of an abstract, machine-like object which is nevertheless very welcoming thanks to its main entrance that opens up to the outside. The generous veranda and the plaza in front of it on the west façade create a communal space for employees and visitors.“

What are the features of the language of form and materials used in the Welcome Forum?

“Our vision at the start of the design phase was to add new sections to the original building and give the whole structure a “facelift” – which is where the basic concept with the image of a pleated skirt came from. The concave façade pattern – the “pleating” – is refined and elegant, while the base below has a high-quality, robust appearance. This theme is also found in many details in the interior too, creating a connection between the inside and outside spaces. Furthermore, the interior features classic materials, such as oak veneers and terrazzo flooring, which have a high-quality, down-to-earth and simply traditional feel. In combination with the white plastered walls, this creates a stunning contrast with the modern, organic language of form.“

What makes the Welcome Forum so unique in your opinion?

“We love the façades, which take standard, industrial architecture and develop it from what on first glance is a simple, formal gesture (pleating) into an extraordinary piece of architecture. The multi-layered foyer with its spatial sequences will hopefully be seen as an exciting and connecting element between the showroom, machinery hall and café. A whole host of special features, such as the central spiral staircase and the seating nooks in the café, as well as details such as the parametric pleats of the counters, will hopefully delight time and again, visit after visit.“


July 2019

The breaking of the ground for the Schüco Welcome Forum on 1 July 2019: Out with the old, in with the new. The basic framework of the old showroom is conserved and will be the site of the new Fabrication showroom.

April 2021

The new visitor centre is taking shape: Work on the building shell is almost complete. Soon you will be able to take a peek at the Fabrication showroom through the large window front.

January 2022

We're on the home stretch: Work on the interior is progressing and the first machines are being moved into the Schüco Welcome Forum.

March 2022

Anticipation is building: Gradually the Showroom Products is filling up!

May 2022

The Schüco Welcome Forum: One building, countless possibilities. Get ready for a place to be inspired, meet people, and find information.

#movingforward on the Schüco Campus

Credits: Frank Peterschröder

The changes at Schüco can already be seen. Renovation, newbuild, extension. An entirely new Schüco is emerging at our Campus in Bielefeld – both inside and out.

Find more information about building work on the Schüco Campus in Bielefeld here.

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