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The key to feeling good – with qi

Feng shui, the theory of harmony, tells us that the better the qi (pronounced CHEE) – meaning our life force – flows through our house and garden, the better we will feel. A good enough reason for us to take a closer look at this qi…

Are you looking for the key to unlock the mysteries of qi? Then let's start at the beginning. There's no doubt you'll have heard the term feng shui before. It's an ancient Chinese teaching that deals with how individuals can live in harmony with their surrounding environment. Devotees of feng shui all agree that it can achieve great things: it can restore harmony in our lives, create a feeling of safety, and even resolve conflicts within a family or between couples.

Wow! But how does it work? Feng shui is all about the life force, known as qi. Qi is carried by feng and shui, which mean wind and water in Chinese. If living spaces and gardens are designed in such a way that the energy is able to flow freely, this increases our feeling of satisfaction and well-being. So far, so good. But the basic principles of the teaching are complex. There is mention of eight trigrams, five elements, bagua, yin and yang. Phew! Can you make it any easier? For those of you who just want to get a taste of what it's all about, here are a few basic points for you. A few little tricks is all you need to get the qi in your home flowing freely. Our first tip is all about sliding doors – the perfect way to create harmony between indoors and outdoors.


Let there be light

A home should be as bright as possible. Large windows and sliding doors create rooms that are flooded with light, allowing the energy to flow. Open doors and make passageways wider. Sliding doors are just the ticket. They make living spaces bigger, bringing the outside inside, and vice versa.

Less is more

Our home is said to be a reflection of our soul, so avoid chaos and get rid of any dust traps. Tidiness and a few carefully selected accessories restore a sense of peace to rooms, as well as our souls.

Seasons of change

Natural decorations not only look beautiful, but give off energy too. Ideally, change them at regular intervals to reflect the seasons. Bouquets of flowers or blossoming branches are perfect for this.

Don't be a square!

Straight lines speed up the flow of qi too much, causing it to shoot into the room. That's not good. Organic and curved lines that the energy is able to flow along evenly are better.

Let it flow

Water fountains or water features are recommended accessories to increase the energy. Dripping taps, on the other hand, should be repaired immediately. They weaken the life force.

Keep things separate

Living areas should be separated from one another according to their function. As the saying goes, never mix business with pleasure, so never place a desk in your bedroom, for example.

The key to feeling good – with qi