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Schüco entrance doors – design freedom for the highest quality standards.

The front door doesn't just provide direct access to the inside of a home, it also gives a first glimpse of the inhabitants' character. Schüco entrance doors combine numerous, timeless designs with the highest degree of security, thermal insulation, weathertightness and durability. This means there are virtually no limits to creativity – even large-scale doors are feasible.

Highlight: The barrier-free, zero-level threshold for Schüco entrance doors

Barriere-free zero level threshold

For today. For tomorrow. For buildings with a bright future.

The barrier-free, zero-level threshold for Schüco entrance doors is completely level and therefore permits safe and trip-free passage through the door.

Whether it's a pushchair, skateboard or wheeled support, our zero-level threshold offers everyone maximum comfort regardless of age or ability – for an entire lifetime.

In addition to flush threshold solutions, Schüco entrance doors can also be fitted with smart components so that opening, going through and closing the door are safe and comfortable at all times. Schüco places great value on the visually seamless integration of the corresponding systems and components into the Schüco designs.

Burglar protection – simply shut out dangers

Schüco entrance doors offer state-of-the-art locking systems and a variety of fittings options to individually customise your entrance door to your own personal security needs. Special security fittings kits also allow you to increase the burglar resistance of your entrance door to resistance class 3 (RC 3), protecting your home from unauthorised entry. How well your door is protected against attempted break-ins depends crucially on the type of locking and the number of locking points. The more locking points, the harder it is to break through the entrance door.

Entrance doors can be fitted with various locks – a swing bolt or latch lock. A self-locking mechanical lock provides added security. The locking points anchor themselves automatically in the door frame as soon as the door closes, without needing to turn a key.

Networked for your safety

As a partner in the "Keinbruch" and "Zuhause sicher" security awareness networks, Schüco champions security within your own four walls. Together with the police and partners from industry, commerce, local authorities and the insurance sector, Schüco is developing new security solutions which can be integrated in windows, doors and sliding doors.

KfW funding

The KfW (Credit Institute for Redevelopment) will support the renovation and modernisation of an old entrance door with a grant or low-interest loan. So when choosing an entrance door, the thermal insulation (funding programme No. 430 "Energy-efficient renovation") as well as the burglar resistance and security (funding programme No. 455 "age-appropriate conversions") are key.

  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Increase living comfort
  • Protect against break ins

Materials – entrance doors for your own personal requirements