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Mirdif Avenue Mall

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Information about the reference project

Type of building:

Office and Business




ADS 65 HD, Grid2Shell


Dubai, United Arab Emirates




SABAT Architectural Consultancy

Specialist company:

Mathews Metal Manufacturing LLC

Picture credits:

© Tonnie Richard Wong

Exciting skylight geometry

Exciting skylight geometry

The Mirdif Avenue Mall in Dubai is a three storey shopping centre with a total area of 22,300 m2. The custom curved roof construction with a span width of 25 metres is a particularly eye-catching feature of the horseshoe-shaped design that opens out to the south-east. This was achieved with Schüco Grid2Shell, a self-supporting aluminium/glass construction that offers maximum freedom when implementing three-dimensional roof and façade designs. Due to the high level of prefabrication of the self-supporting bolted connection system, an entire roof construction can be designed as an easy-to-install plug-and-play modular system.

Light and flexible

A key benefit of Grid2Shell is that all of the system components are fabricated completely from aluminium, which is unique worldwide. This means that the construction is much lighter and the star-shaped nodes can be machined out to follow the contour of the profiles, making them barely visible any more. Making it out of aluminium also means it can be powder-coated, which enables individual surface finishing in the same colour as the load-bearing profiles.

Slimline appearance, perfect shading

The 1800 m2 freeform construction, which rests on a total of 20 “columns”, creates an airy atmosphere with maximum views to the outside. The FACID textile façade used provides optimum shading of the café terraces inside the complex. For the inner courtyard facades of the individual gallery rows, the Schüco FWS 50 and FWS 50 SG façade systems, the Schüco ADS 65 HD door system and the Schüco AWS 114 window system were also used.

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