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Sliding and lift-and-slide system with excellent thermal insulation values and slim face widths

The modular and scalable Schüco ASE 60 sliding and lift-and-slide system boasts excellent thermal insulation values, slimline face widths and comprehensive solutions in terms of design and comfort.

A special highlight is that the sliding system can be individually configured in terms of comfort and design. Optional fittings components such as the Schüco SmartStop and Schüco SmartClose security and comfort technology ensure maximum ease of use. A slimline interlock section allows inside and outside to merge together, while the level threshold meets everyday needs for ease of access.

The profile system retains its high-quality design even when open thanks to the concealed fittings components.

The certified burglar resistance of the sliding and lift-and-slide systems ensures increased security requirements are met.

Awards & Certifications

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Awards & Certifications

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Awards & Certifications

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Fabrication benefits

  • Multifunctional components and prefabricated construction parts reduce fabrication time and increase process reliability
  • Vent fabrication without rolling: the split insulating bar both reduces the bi-metallic effect and meets increased security requirements
  • The use of a single range of fittings for sliding and lift-and-slide applications reduces complexity and storage
  • Screw-type corner cleats guarantee quiet and reversible fabrication
  • A continuous vent slider profile ensures reliable installation of the vent in the outer frame


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