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Highly thermally insulated bi-fold system with a wide selection of types and outstanding weathertightness

With narrow face widths and a wide range of types which meet all the requirements of current thermal insulation standards, as well as outstanding weathertightness, the highly thermally insulated Schüco ASS 80 FD.HI (Folding Door High Insulated) bi-fold system is ideally suited for use in outdoor areas.

Attractive opening types such as the 90° corner including a flat, thermally insulated threshold for barrier-free access offer a variety of design options for the visually appealing system.

Additionally, the bi-fold system can be designed with a magnetic retaining catch with an elegant design and matching flat door handle.

Fabrication benefits

  • Further design options through combination with a flat threshold
  • Screw-type corner cleats for simplified installation of the outer frame on site; particularly economical when transporting large units
  • Adjustable structural expansion profile ensures secure compensation of tolerances and sagging of the building structure
  • Centre gasket integrated in the outer frame, two drainage levels in the leaf as well as glazing rebate insulation
  • Units can still be adjusted once they are installed


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