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Machinery for new possibilities

The best employees don't need to be trained and are reliable in the long term. Here we present our applicants for continued market success. Machinery from Schüco Fabrication provide metal fabricators with reliable support in any task – be it pre-fabrication, sawing, milling, drilling, crimping, pressing, CNC processing, and installation.

The machines can be used after quick training and require little programming. Any implementation includes Schüco training in use, and follow-up training is also possible. We find the best solution for every operation and equip workshops with strong workers for a successful future.

"The AF 300 has enabled us to work faster and with more precision, which has really paid off. With the AF 310, we can save an additional 15 percent of work time. Furthermore, the results are even more precise and it's very easy to use the machine."

Stefan Albers, Managing Director, Sundermann GmbH, Herford