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Glazing clip machine

Glazing bead machine: Perfect, automatic insertion of glazing bead clips

The glazing clip machine from Schüco speeds up your assembly process in window fabrication. This machine enables the insertion of into the glazing beads at uniform intervals.

Process optimisation

Manual insertion of clips is one of the most labour-intensive, time-consuming processes in window assembly. The GC 100 glazing clip machine shortens this process significantly and saves you both time and money.

Large spool magazine

The GC 100 glazing clip machine inserts clips at the prescribed distances, using a spool magazine with 500 clips for long-term, efficient work on a number of windows or single doors.

Improved process for all partners

In glazing bead fabrication, the work step can be integrated. This can only be ensured by a machine from Schüco: the GS 500. Purchasing one of these not only pays off for any type of window construction. Nothing else can compare to the GC 100 glazing clip machine for making this lengthy fabrication step significantly easier.