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Corner crimping machines

Corner crimping machines: Installation made easy and efficient

With fabrication machinery, we support you with all tasks in the fabrication process for windows, doors, façades and special profiles. Like the corner crimping machines, our innovative solutions always have the same aim: to optimise your window construction workflow. Our corner crimping machines connect metal profiles effectively and ensure a long-lasting, secure construction.

This offers a number of benefits for your fabrication process:

• Fast window assembly while maintaining a high level of quality

• Time saved with each individual window assembly

• Low consumption of resources

• Significant cost reduction

Ideal areas of use

One Schüco window consists of around 100 individual parts. An important element of assembly is the joining of profile corners. Our corner crimping machines are a valuable support in vent and frame installation. They simplify the custom assembly of individual profiles into vents and frames. The quality of these corner cleats significantly determines the overall quality of windows, doors and other components. This is where your structural stability can grow while you ensure a high level of weathertightness.

Wide range of processes

In window construction, however, connections with pins and adhesives have become accepted. It is the main benefit of low levels of equipment for fabrication. In the simplest set-up, only punching tools or drilling templates are required – including roll pins and adhesives. Connections are also made easily. The corner cleats are attached in the chambers of the thermally broken vent or frame profile and fixed there with roll pins. Adhesives are used for the rest of the attachment process. This can be applied before or after assembly. Dosing presses enable precise injections of adhesive. This reduces the amount of material used and also avoids the need to subsequently clean the surfaces of excess adhesive.

Where precision is key

It is not possible to create high-quality windows and doors without a precise work process. Two factors are important here: adherence to the tolerances in the mechanical connections and application of the right amount of adhesive. Otherwise finished building components can quickly become damaged. This results in the bonded joints or the connection coming apart during transport or installation. Reliable corner crimping machines prevent this kind of quality defect.

Our range of services

Thanks to the latest technology and machinery developments, the work processes for window and door construction can be performed manually or completely automated. This is why we at Schüco Fabrication have focused on offering a wide range when developing our corner crimping machines, so that we can meet individual and different customer requirements.