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Residencial MBS

Curitiba, Brazil

Information about the reference project

Type of building:



Sliding doors




Curitiba, Brazil




Marcos Bertoldi Arquitetos

Specialist company:

Alubauen Ltda,Greenwood Construtora

Picture credits:

© Leonardo Finotti

Flowing transitions

The client was absolutely clear: in their home, they wanted to completely blur the boundaries between living space and garden. The main aim of Marcos Bertoldi Arquitectos was therefore to create a flexible living space that provides a flowing transition between indoors and outdoors. They have succeeded in doing so by using Schüco Panorama Design sliding doors, which open up the long side of the home towards the garden and pool. The main block of the house is bordered by two side walls, which are clad in moledo stone. The combination of glass, i.e. openness, with stone and timber on the first floor creates a piece of architecture that both conveys lightness and firmly anchors the entire building in the ground.

Expansive living space

Visitors to this luxury home in southern Brazil are led into the expansive living space via a wood-panelled hallway. The architects planned multiple seating areas here, including a reception space, a more formal dining space and a cosy living room. The elegantly curved wooden staircase leads to the bedrooms on the first floor, which is clad on the outside with timber in a chevron pattern. This pattern not only gives the house a completely individual look, it also comes alive inside the rooms through an exciting interplay of light and shadow.