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Hotel Hafenkran Greif

Hamburg, Hamburg

Information about the reference project

Type of building:





Janisol Door, Janisol Arte 2.0


Hamburg, Hamburg




HHLA Immobilien Speicherstadt GmbH

Specialist company:

Wanzenberg Metallbau GmbH

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Project description

Project description

Originally used as a floating crane for lifting and moving particularly heavy objects in the Hamburg harbour, the »Greif« (Griffin) floating crane was de- commissioned in 2009 and awaited the scrapheap. Today the industrial monument, docked at the historic Sandtorkai, hosts Hamburg's smallest hotel. In place of the crane operator's controls, you can now spend the night in the cabin, while the former engine room beneath you offers a cozy salon granting access to a bathroom and outdoor terrace. The aim for all involved was to retain the harbour crane's characteristic appearance. The outer envelope was therefore designed by drawing inspiration from its setting with a traditional trapezoidal sheet covering. With its narrow face width of just 25 mm, the Janisol Arte 2.0 steel profile system was the right choice for the faithful renovation of the glazing, allowing the extraordinary hotel to provide its guests with a one-of-a-kind view of the Elbphilharmonie opera house.

Source: Profile magazine, issue 24

Download the profile 24 here (pdf, 7.1 MB)