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The perfect solution for flexible, natural ventilation of modern buildings

The Schüco AWS 65 VV (Ventilation Vent) window system is available as an opaque side-hung vent with ventilation function in different face widths – with excellent weathertightness and sound reduction values even in extreme weather conditions thanks to the split insulating bar.

The side-hung vents, which can reach from floor to ceiling and remain permanently open during the summer, combine quick ventilation of rooms with a high degree of architectural design freedom. The vents are easy to operate and are ideally suited for combination with large glazed units and fixed glazing.

With the mechatronic-opening Schüco TipTronic SimplySmart fittings solution, both automated night-time cooling and demand-driven, sensor-controlled ventilation can be implemented.

The use of the vents as toplights allows natural air to be exchanged while maintaining a pleasant ambient air climate – an economical alternative or supplement to ventilator-controlled ventilation with a high level of user comfort.

Awards & Certifications

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Planning benefit

  • Split insulating bar to avoid bimetallic effects and for a high degree of weathertightness even in extreme weather conditions
  • Vents with flush-fitted or rebated appearances on the outside offer a wide range of designs
  • Maximum use of identical parts ensures universal use in the system


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