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Schüco Ventilation System VentoAir+

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Schüco VentoAir+: Self-adjusted window rebate ventilator for ventilation of living spaces

The new Schüco VentoAir+ is the development of conventional window rebate ventilators for Schüco PVC-U windows. Its concealed appearance allows the ventilation module to be inserted in the window so it is barely visible, while it self-adjusts in order to provide the necessary level of ventilation for living spaces by removing moisture to prevent mould. Due to its compact construction, if required, several ventilation modules can be integrated in the optimum position in the top window area. This allows the required quantity of air to be increased.

Thanks to the precise plastic hinge technology, Schüco VentoAir+ also detects the slightest air movements and adjusts the air volume flow automatically by means of regulating flaps. So draughts are prevented.

By changing the colour to the window gasket colour, black or silver grey, Schüco VentoAir+ is barely visible even when the window is open. When the window is closed, the ventilation module is completely concealed.

Planning benefit

  • ift-tested ventilation module
  • Meets the requirements for ventilation of living spaces in accordance with DIN 1946-6 and can be used as an external air inlet for cross ventilation
  • Can be used in all Schüco window systems
  • Can be easily retrofitted


Technical information

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