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Self-regulating mechanical ventilator for the window rebate

The Schüco VentoAir ventilation system regulates the continuous air exchange in residential properties, without any intervention from users, thus enabling the prevention of expensive damage caused by mould, which is hazardous to health.

The principle of the purely mechanical ventilators is based on the equalisation of the difference in pressure between outside and inside.

In the event of higher wind speeds, the ventilation flap automatically regulates the inflowing air, thus preventing unpleasant draughts.

The system is integrated so that it is almost completely concealed in the area of the centre gasket – either horizontally at the top or in the outer frame rebate at the side.

The ventilation system can be used in conjunction with shaft ventilation or air extraction systems and thus fulfils the minimum requirements for protection from damp.

Planning benefit

  • Ensuring the supply of air for ventilation concepts with bathroom exhaust air fans
  • System can be installed without the need for additional space
  • Cost-saving integration in the centre gasket level


Technical information

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