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Interview with Gregor Jan Tymke

Gregor Jan Tymke, an architect from Munich, was commissioned to refurbish the Berglwald School in Oberschleißheim. We spoke to him about his experiences with the Schüco service.

Mr. Tymke, you were commissioned to renovate the Berglwald School near Munich. What was the challenge of this project?

Mr. Tymke: When renovating the school building, the main question was how best to renovate the windows. We had a limited budget for the renovation. Replacing all the windows would not only exceed our budget, but would also be a burden on the environment due to the disposal of the existing elements. In addition, the execution time was limited to the school vacations due to otherwise ongoing school operations. This meant that efficient and precise work was absolutely essential. The site inspection we carried out revealed that all the windows were generally in a very poor technical condition 30 years after installation and very intensive use. This is where Schüco came in.

How did Schüco help to solve the problem?

Mr. Tymke: I contacted Schüco, the manufacturer of the existing windows. After extensive technical advice, Schüco assured me that the windows could be repaired. As part of the commission, the Schüco team first carried out a thorough inspection of the windows. The damaged parts were professionally repaired and seals and fittings were replaced as required. The work was carried out quickly and efficiently, which helped us to keep to the tight schedule. The service was rounded off with the digital recording of the serviced elements, so that the client now has an overview of the building at all times, including the maintenance history of the installed elements. The fact that the windows were repaired meant that the costs for the owner were significantly lower than if the elements had been completely replaced. There is also the ecological aspect. Not a single window element was removed and replaced.

How was the collaboration with Schüco and how did the company contribute to the success of the project?

Mr. Tymke: The collaboration was extremely positive. Schüco is very service-oriented and offered us excellent solutions for the refurbishment. The good technical advice helped us to improve the building technically, reduce costs and at the same time work in an environmentally friendly way. We were able to benefit from the expertise and many years of experience of the Schüco team, which was crucial to the success of the project.

Thank you very much, Mr. Tymke, for sharing your experience of Schüco's service.

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