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Regular maintenance of all opening elements in buildings is of great importance in order to ensure the efficiency, safety and value of the property in the long term.

Our trained Schüco service technicians maintain the systems of all common manufacturers: whether windows, doors, sliding systems, façades, fire protection systems or sun protection - our experts on site work professionally and in a structured manner according to a maintenance protocol and repair if necessary.

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Our trained service engineers repair your windows, doors, sliding systems, fades, fire protection systems and sun shading as required. Any defects in terms of weathertightness and functionality, or which pose a risk of death or serious injury, will be rectified. 

Also on board the Schüco service vehicles is a broad range of replacement parts from the Schüco spare parts shop, for quick and reliable help directly at your premises.

We don't just repair your Schüco units, we also fix products from other manufacturers too.

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With the help of Schüco retrofit products, we are enabling building operators to retain the value of the property over the long-term and appreciably increase the attractiveness of the building. The original opening units will remain in the building structure, while Schüco retrofit packages provide added comfort, design, health, ease of use, safety and security.

Did you know that Schüco antimicrobial window handles offer protection against infection? Stop germs and infections spreading and increase your security and the value of your property. Incidentally, when carried out in conjunction with repair/maintenance work, retrofitting handles can be rather profitable for you. Contact us – we would be delighted to send you a quotation.

Do you have any questions about the ventilation of working or living spaces? We would be delighted to advise you in this regard too.

Digital unit management system

We can use our digital unit management system to digitally log the status of your opening units and sun shading. You receive access to the data in order to optimise your building management processes.

Each recorded Schüco unit is given a QR code in order to uniquely identify and locate it. You can also view the progress of the maintenance/repair at any time. This allows future maintenance and repair work to be carried out in a very efficient and transparent way. 

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Drone inspection

Discover the future of building inspection!

A drone inspection is an effective way to quickly and accurately assess the condition of your building façade.
Our digital façade inspection service using drone and thermal imaging offers unbeatable advantages:

  • Precise inspection: thanks to the high-resolution cameras and advanced software, drones deliver razor-sharp images. This allows the smallest damage, defects or changes to the building façade to be identified.
  • Thermography: Identify heat leaks to improve energy efficiency. For example, leaks in the façade can be detected.
  • Safety: Minimize risks during inspections at great heights or in areas that are difficult to access. Our state-of-the-art aerial devices make it possible to collect precise data and carry out inspections from different angles.
  • Time and cost savings: Fast drone inspections mean lower costs.

Check and optimize exterior façade and thermal building efficiency
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