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Everything tight?


Durch die Pflege oder den Austausch von Fensterdichtungen lässt sich ein Wärmeverlust vermeiden und somit Energiekosten sparen.


Close thermal bridge now and reduce energy costs

Reduce energy costs through maintenance of window gaskets

What can be done about the incalculable rise in energy prices?
There is potential for savings - even in existing buildings, for example in the windows. Because: Especially with older windows, there is a risk that the seals are no longer intact. Over the years, they can become porous, damaged or shrunk. The result: seals no longer work optimally. Drafts can occur, heat escapes, and in the worst case rainwater can penetrate.

Insulate your energy costs now: Have older windows serviced regularly and, above all, have their tightness checked. With new, easily retrofitted seals, you save energy and energy costs in the long term!​

The Schüco After Sales Service supports you nationwide and for all manufacturer systems in maintaining the security, durability and value of your building. We will also be happy to advise you on further potential savings.

Get free advice on saving energy costs now!

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